Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First BIG purchase

The year was 1979.  I was 20 years old and I had a little bit of money tucked away.  Enough to buy myself a car.  A used car.  And as fate would have it, my friend, Suzanne was selling her sporty car --which I had secretly admired for quite some time.  

I had never spent a thousand dollars on anything in my life.
All that saving and saving -- gone... with a few words on a check.

But the FUN I had driving this 
1970 Pontiac Firebird

Sure, it only got 8 miles to the gallon.
But a gallon of gas only cost $0.86 !


  1. Wow...nice wheels Cheri. I'm very impressed that you saved the money to buy a car...a lost art.

  2. Cute car. I wonder where it is now...

  3. Plus Suzanne's dad -- our good friend Harold Pickering (old weird)-- agreed to help you maintain the car -- always nice to have friends who know about cars. :)

    The other funny thing was that in 1979 -- a 9-year old car seemed a lot older than a 9-year old car today.

  4. Are you sure it was 79 because I sold the car because I was getting my brand spanking new 1978 Cutlass Supreme - I had been working a year long than you had! :) I do remember working that deal around your dad......... Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I loved that car too and it would absolutely fly!

  5. You are right Suzanne! I bought it in 1978....the picture was taken in 1979....and yes, we had a little deal goin' on behind my dad's back! LOL


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