Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The pool is empty.  
No water, nada, nil, zip, zero.

After battling one hole/leak after another this summer we decided
it was time to bite the bullet and get a new pool liner.

The water has been slowly leaking out over the past few weeks, but today our buddies at Thatcher Pools came and pumped out the remaining water. 

Poor Gabby wasn't sure what to think.  We were a little afraid of her just jumping in with no water, so we walked her down the steps and "into" the pool.  It didn't take her long to slide into the deep end where there was still a small puddle of water -- which to her delight had many tree frogs swimming around in the puddle -- she would have been happy to play in there all evening!


  1. WEIRD is right! Wish i had been there for that! Looks like fun! It's really weird to see that there are loose spots in the liner, since it is usually smooth from the water pressing on it.


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