Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Before edits

Good pics of the kids --  not easy!  The photos on yesterday's post were sorted through, cropped, edited and cleaned up.  Out of MANY photos, those were the best.
It's just as hard to get our three to cooperate as adults as it was when they were kids.

Here's proof that there are many "out takes" to get a few good pics of the kids - my external hard drive is living proof - but since you can't see that....

Which is your favorite?

# 1
"Sticky dress"
# 2
"I'm falling"
# 3
"stand like this?"
# 4
"Chees-y boy"
# 5
"my nose itched"
# 6
"Nate, stop it"
# 7
# 8
# 9
"We are so done with this"
# 10
"When do we eat?"
# 11

# 12
"Oh no you can't"
# 13
"You think so, huh?"
You all are WAY more clever than would you caption these photos?  

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  1. I'd rename #7 "Girlfriend,...You're going in the creek"

    #8 (which is my favorite) Rename, "Really Danae"?

    Fun pictures !


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