Tuesday, September 08, 2009

21, 22, 23

Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three.

On September 19th that will be the ages of these three:

Hard to tell who is what age isn't it?  

Many people get the kids' birth order confused.
They usually guess Cara (middle) as the oldest, but getting Nate and Danae in the correct birth order stumps some people, and that is very easy to understand - since they are only 15 months apart in age.

All three kids were born in a time span of 2 years and 9 months.
That's 3 under 3.
2 in diapers.
and only 1 "walker".
(Nate didn't walk til he was 18 months!)

Raising three kids so close in age was fun.
and hard.
but it's all we knew - and we wouldn't change a thing.
Right honey?

Truth is, raising kids is tough work.
Our three were no exception.

Oh the fighting, crying, tattling, & whining that ensued . . .
and that was just the teenage years

but I am happy to report that they do, finally, get along.
Most of the time .

C'mon we are human, and normal (sort of), and we still have our moments of disagreement and frustration with each other.

I don't think I've heard anyone called a "poophead" lately  

which must mean we have made SOME progress

Moms of young ones - remember this:

  ---    The days go by slow,
but the years go by fast ---

When Danae turned one, I went through the years in my mind -- 
we would have a:

1, 2 and 3 year old
7, 8 and 9 year old
10, 11 and 12 year old
13, 14 and15 year old
17, 18 and 19 year old

28, 29 and 30 year old !! ?
Jeepers, that's only 7 years away!

I think I better go lay down now.


  1. They are good kids too! And nice to their momma for letting her take so many pictures of them!

    You keep reminding me... I'm trying to listen... :-)

  2. I like this post on so many levels...and i do believe i have heard poop head lately but in a joking way. and what the heck 30 is only 7 years away...i better go lay down....eeek! I love you mom thanks for listening to me today, I love you!!!

    p.s. Wendy...we asked our mom to take those...and my brother had the idea to sit on the tree...and the strong boy hoisted both of his sisters up there...who knew!!!!

  3. Can't be !!! I remember so well when each of them were born and the 9 months previous too.

  4. Oh and those kids are soooo lovely. Great pictures Cheri,they are all very handsome/beautiful. You & Kirk done good. They grow up so stinkin' fast.

  5. Bill Cosby:

    Mother's say: "You're going to drive me to my grave!"

    Father's say: "I'm going to drive you to your grave"

    Ha hahahahaha -- funny --

    I like the picture with the sign which said "Warning! Do not feed the alligators"

    Nice pics -- good subject matter. I wonder how many 'funny face' pics you had to go thru to get all these??? Worse now than when they were little.

  6. I didn't realize they were 15 mo apart! Wow you must have been so busy! Way to go Cheri and Kirk :) I love your kids!


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