Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Over 25,000 gallons

We've had a hose constantly running (cold) water into our pool all summer.  Holes in a pool liner are no fun at all.  Running cold water in your pool all day and night doesn't make for warm pool water either.  

Tonight DIY Guy patched another hole in the liner.  It is the third hole found this summer and the fourth one since last fall when our pool nearly emptied out.  I found this new hole right next to the previous 3 patches.

After many cold swims looking for holes in the liner, DIY Guy bought himself a wetsuit for the job.  Watching him put the wetsuit on brings me joy -- it's like watching him put on a man's version of Spanx.

Gabby, already in the water --
 wonders what the heck is taking DIY Guy so long to jump in the pool

The leak is very easy to see and is on the slope where the pool gets deeper.  You can see the bright blue patch from a previous leak in the photo.

DIY  Guy can hold his breath for a VERY long time!  When we were in Georgia he took on an underwater challenge with 3 of the young guys from the wedding party - DIY GUY won....by a long shot.

His amazing ability to hold his breath for a long time is very helpful - but staying at the bottom of the pool is a challenge.  He has a weight belt -- but it isn't "weighted" yet.

My contribution to the mending was holding DIY Guy underwater with the pool brush!  I wasn't going in that cold water...are you kidding me?

See the erosion the leaks have caused?  We are planning to purchase a new liner after this pool season -- they will fix the erosion when the new liner is installed.  I wonder if they install new liners in the fall -- or in the spring?

DIY Guy thinks we've filled the pool more than once this summer due to the leaks.  That's 25,000 gallons of water each fill!


  1. haha, the picture of you holding him down is really funny :)

  2. Anonymous7:51 AM CDT

    Maybe at night, while you are sleeping, the chickens sneak out for a swim and peck holes in the bottom!

  3. I agree with Brianna's comment, that made me chuckle :)

    P.S. Hows the water bill?

  4. The Spanx comment was classic! It's probably wrong that I'm laughing at you holding Kirk down at the bottom of the pool... yet somehow... I cannot stop myself

  5. Water bill? We are on a well -- thankfully!

  6. Water bill? We are on a well -- thank goodness!


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