Monday, August 31, 2009


If you have "margin" in your life, as in extra space/time to fill, -- as in not every hour planned to the minute -- a random invitation like we received the other night can make for an amazing weekend -- at the last minute.

Early Friday evening:  {phone rings}

Me:  hello
Sandy:  What are you doing this weekend?
Me:  nothing much
Sandy:  Want to go to the cabin with us?
Me:  Sure!  When?
Sandy:  Tonight?  Tomorrow morning?
Me:  dang....we have plans for tonight -- but can go early tomorrow morning.
Sandy: about 7:00 am?
Me:  Deal.  See you then.

That was pretty much how the call went down -- I did call DIY Guy to make sure it was OK with him -- and of course Sandy and I did some quick meal planning...but not much.  

Then, I went out with the boys (see previous post)....and Kirk went to watch a movie and eat man food with his man friends.  Then about 9:30 pm we quickly packed, through together some food and went to bed.

At about 7:15 am we were at Bob & Sandy's place ready for our (last minute) trip to their cabin in Wisconsin.

We are SO glad we went!
Our weekend was amazingly relaxing.
We got to the cabin by about 10:15 am -- the men went fishing -- us girls connected to the internet for a bit, relaxed a bit, talked alot.  Then we had lunch.  It was pretty cold and rainy on Saturday, but that didn't bother us....the boys fished more.....and Kirk caught us an appetizer  --- then dinner, game and a trip to their secret bar to end the evening.

Slept in til 9:00 am on Sunday --- oh man did that feel good!
Pontoon (and some fishing) with dogs.

Pontoon (no dogs)
5:30 pm :  pack up & head home
DQ for dinner
Home and bed.

Time flew....yet stood still at the same time.
It was a perfect weekend

more later -- there's so much to tell!

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  1. no fair no fair no fair.
    glad you had fun with sandy & bob though! :) they're always a blast! :)


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