Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It went too fast

I have to keep telling myself that summer isn't over . . .

Just because our two college kids are back and school . . . does NOT mean summer is over.

and just because the weather has been cooler - 
especially in the evening....
does NOT mean that summer is over.

For me, Fall is more like January 1st - --New Year's Day.
It feels more like a beginning.  A fresh start. 
A new schedule.

Fall also feels a little like an "end" too . . . 
As in the end of a year --- 
After all I spent 16 years on "back to school schedule"?  

But I digress --- I still think summer has gone WAY too fast.

I mean, it seems like yesterday that I had all these punks under one roof  and heard the pitter-patter of bare feet on my floor, and the giggles and laughter and was tucking munchkins into bed at night.

Not only has my summer gone by too fast -- but my life is going by too fast too!

Yeah, I'm sure it was only yesterday (or last week) -- that these three were home all day with me, all year round..... and I shamefully admit that I too often wished they would grow up and put themselves to bed -- and get their own meals, and bathe themselves, and stop fighting with each other.  I marked milestones like "no more bottles", "no more diapers" and "no more carseats".  I looked forward to not paying a babysitter --- now I'd pay big bucks to have some of those days back --- at least for a day --- it would be a good reminder!

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  1. Cheri... You are good at helping to ground me... However... it sounds like you're ready for grandchildren... And since that's probably not a real good idea right at this time... I'd like to offer Jonah and Grace as stand ins until then! :-) Let me know when I can drop them off... :-)


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