Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is it over?

It used to feel like summer was over when I crawled in bed on Labor Day night.  
Here is it August 20th and it feels like summer is over.  A cold day of 67 degrees and bouts of rain, with a cool breeze added to the "end of summer" feeling.

But this activity on Sunday....

kicked off the last week of summer at our house...
We  packed up Nate's apartment furnishings, etc. and took a full van and pick-up truck of his STUFF to Winona.  

It was the first time DIY Guy and I were going to see his new digs -- an old house he is sharing (renting) with 4 other people.  Note that I didn't say four other "guys"?  Yeah, he's sharing the house with 2 other guys, and 2 girls.  They all have their own rooms - with locks - and there are no romantic relationships among the house members.

It's a nice  One of the roommates lived in the house all summer.  A guy.  It was not pretty when we arrived.  Imagine counters full of dishes with dried on food, empty bottles and pop cans on the floor and counters.  Dirty countertops.  dirty. gray.  Then there was the fridge -- oh my.  It was full of science experiments!  The experiment above "puffed" smoke when I lifted the spoon out.

So I did what any mother dropping her child off at college in a dirty apartment would do.
Yes I did.  I cleaned and sanitized, vacuumed, wiped and took the garbage out.  Then I took it out again.
While I cleaned, the men, my boys, put together Nate's new desk.

I made Nate's bed for him.
Because I needed to know it was done and ready for him.

DIY Guy and I got home around 11:00 pm on Sunday night.  Exhausted.  By last night I was recovered from Nate's departure.  Baby Girl had many friends over, the house was full of laughter and kids.

Then today this ...

our baby girl has moved out.
Just like that - poof.

At least DIY Guy was home --- or not.  He was at band practice all evening!

Don't worry about me, I'm fine.  Really.  I am.
I've done laundry, took a walk, cleaned the kitchen (and it's still clean!)  The house is quiet, but all my kids are where they should be.  Doing what kids in their early 20's should be doing. And I'm proud of them!  

Be sure to call if you plan to stop over ;)  !!


  1. Awww... Cheri... Happy and sad all at the same time... I laughed at the science experiment!

  2. I miss them already -- and I too am proud of my kids -- all of them.

    Please continue to make them good choices -- and I must say -- be careful...

    I don't need to say 'have fun' -- cause I know you will! :)

    Love, Dad


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