Monday, August 03, 2009

I should be packing . . .

It took a lot of work to make our party happen last Saturday...and this woman did a major portion of the work.  She is kitchen wizard who made all the food for the party....

and her presentation of the food . . .

. . . was aaahhhhhhmazing.

. . . it tasted even better than it looked,
if you can believe that!

. . . moments before guests arrive . . . the food appears

. . .and the tables start to "fill up"
. . . later in the evening, the music started

. . . and the dance lessons

. . .and the dancing

. . .and more line dance lessons . . .

. . . and our two worlds met . . .
Dave -- one of our newer friends meets
Ed, a friend for over 30 years!  (yikes)

Thanks to all of you who came from near and far
to make our party the success it was!

Special thanks to the following:
  • Cara, Nate, Danae (& Mike) for all kids of help . . . set-up, clean-up, errands, etc.
  • Dennis:  for the sound system - incl set-up, teardown, delivery/pick-up
  • Steve & Jen - amazing photography!
  • Sue & Ed - setting up, tearing down, doing dishes!
  • My sisters (Amy & Deedee) setting up, decorating, tearing down, clean-up
  • Scott, my brother-in-law -- for omelets on Sunday morning!
  • Hemmers, Skogens, Baumgards for tables and chairs
  • Dave Skogen - for errand running, and helping Jo Lynn.
  • Jo Lynn -- menu planning help, grocery shopping ALL food prep & presentation, popcorn popper, many borrowed dishes, errands, and lots of detail work!
  • DIY Guy -- for the patio, cleaning the garage, and doing all the "little things" that he knew would make me happy (even tho they didn't matter to him)

It makes me very nervous naming people who helped -- because I am sure I left some people out.  I'm not doing it intentionally -- it's late....and well, I'm 50!


  1. You should be packing? Where ya goin?

  2. that was a great party!! Good pic of Derek, I think that look is him trying to officially get in the family :)


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