Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot Date

Baby Girl wrote this on her Facebook wall last night:

Danae has a hot date tonight! :)

Taken just before they left for dinner out - and mini golf.

Daddy wasn't so sure about this outfit.
Neither was someone else in Mike's family.
I say, "wear it while you can girl"!

Wondering about those ice cream sandwiches?
Wonder no more . . . 

1.  The recipe needs a little more tweaking.  I think I know where and what.
2.  I rushed them a bit - took them out of the freezer a bit too soon.  Ice cream still soft.
3.  Gotta figure out a good way to cut into squares.
4.  Did figure out an easier/neater way to get ice cream between cookie.
5.  Tasted good.  Just not pretty and neat.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again.
And I shall.  And when I do, I'll share the recipe!


  1. Danae & Mike are a very cute couple, and as sweet as that ice cream dessert you made. I know you'll get it right... keep trying.

  2. I'm laughing at the FAIL on the pic. Not laughing at you that it didn't turn out, but reminds me of Steve's oft used phrase "epic fail" anytime something well, fails.

  3. Even if they didn't look right, I bet they still tasted good! I would have eaten them anyways! :)

  4. Adorable couple... I personally would run around naked if I was as cute as Denae... Kirk and Derek... you did not hear that... One of the reasons I don't look like Denae is because I would have eaten the ice cream even though it failed! :-)


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