Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hangin' with the guys...

DIY Guy was hanging with the guys Friday night -- eating man food and watching a movie.  

Friday night, I was hanging with the guys  -- eating man food  Chipotle -- and not watching a movie.

It is quite the experience chillin' with the guys.

They eat faster than I do -- and they eat more too.

We spent two hours at Chipotle -- then had an awesome drive home bonding with some SERIOUS laughter -- as in laughing til we cried and barely catching our breath.

Thanks for including me last night guys!  I had a blast!


  1. no fair. i want to go to chipotle and hang out.

  2. too fun!!! Me to next time i get to go!!!!!And then even posed for pictures with you!!! impressive boys!!


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