Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eat more chicken

Tonight while we were grilling out on the back patio a large winged visitor flew over the pool and perched on the fence.  Then within seconds it flew off straight to the chicken pen headed straight-on for a full attack - and was quickly met by fencing around the pen.

Then the winged wonder sat on top of the coop/pen and pondered what had just happened.

The chickens stirred a little, but not much.  They clearly felt pretty safe in their pen.  The hawk kinda looked around as if checking to see if anyone saw his blunder.

DIY Guy has an awesome book on birds (that I gave him for Christmas, thank you very much)....so I looked up our visitor.

Any guesses?

Yes, it IS a hawk.

According to David Sibley..... and my best guess ... it's a Cooper's Hawk.  Probably a juvenile in its first  year.

Now for the educational part of the post....
Cooper's Hawks are found in and at the edges of mixed or coniferous forests, hunting medium-size birds in ambush attacks through dense cover.  (really?  I wouldn't consider our larger size chickens as "medium-size" birds --- must have been a hungry hawk!

That pretty much describes what happened tonight.  
I'm really glad that I didn't have the chickens in the yard (free-range) this evening.  It might not have been a pretty sight.


  1. I have that little guy from the Looney Toons running through my head... "I'm a chicken hawk..."

  2. Cool post. That would have been a pretty gory post if they had been out. guess you'll have to watch more closely now that the hawk knows they are there!

  3. Ha ha -- "I say I say I say BOY!!!"

    My favorite cartoon character of all time -- Foghorn Leghorn!

  4. Tiffani S.8:59 AM CDT

    Oh no! I am afraid it will get lil Maddie!


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