Monday, August 24, 2009


When you are married to a DIY Guy and you go to things like Flea Markets and Gold Rush you always bring your camera.  You bring your camera because inevitably there will be things that you don't want to dish out the dough for --- because your DIY Guy can make them for you.  

I thought these box pumpkins were cute -- I can so see them painted in colors other than orange I took a picture so DIY Guy can make them for me.  Of course he's thinking (I like to tell him what he is thinking - just ask him...he'll tell you) "put 'em on the list -- and prioritize  your list".  Yes, I know him THAT well!

Just to the right of the wood pumpkins was a settee, chair and table -- perfect for a cottage but probably from an old lodge.  I would have LOVED to have them...but they were a little out of our price in over $1000... I don't even think that was for all 3 pieces.  Sheesh.  

I thought this piece was really cute -- and would be perfect for the photos I'm doing for my sister.  But....rather than buy it and be done with it....I took a picture -- maybe I'll DIY Guy will make one.  Or not.  Anyone know how they get that Papyrus font so perfectly painted on the wood?  There must be a trick.

These old wood trays were really neat.  But too spendy for me!  DIY Guy can make them for me.......right honey?

DIY Guy told me tonight that if I help him finish his brick edging project then he will do the small remodel project I want done this fall -- when he is done.  I say, "let's get busy"!!


  1. Did I say that?? :O

  2. I wonder if the font is a rub on or something??? Tell Kirk I love the pumpkins too... I'm not married to a DIY guy... I'm married to the IMGATIISYOSIINB (I might get around to it in seven years or so if I'm not busy) guy! :-)

  3. For the photo-font thing, I know what we would do: just make it all in photoshop and get a big print then frame it.

  4. OK, you must not remember the writing you did on my wedding invites that said..."the one I laugh with dream with love".


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