Saturday, August 22, 2009

Current Project

My "baby" sister turned 39 this month....and probably will always be "39" from now on.  Or is it 29?

Either way....she's 11.5 years younger me -- the brat.

For her birthday, I took lots of pics of her kids in Shirts that my Baby Girl made.  I also took pic of her and her hubby with the kids. 

I'm in the process of choosing the best ones, editing them.  And re-editing.  Then I'll print.  Go to Ikea for frames (I know, I know, but someone has to do it)....then I will send them to her.

Her birthday was August 8.
I hope I have them to her by September 8.
Thanks for being so patient Amy!


  1. What a great idea !

  2. Ha! Just ask your baby girl how patient I should be! That poor kid never gets a bday gift on time. But according to her....she doesn't want me to send it on time and will be furious with me if I do send it on time! Every year I say I'll be better with bdays. I think my perfectionism gets in the way of doing things decently and in order as Paul says in Corinthians! I just today EMAILED bday invites for Kale's bday on WED! And for place put...TBA! AHHH what has happened to me! I just decided on a petting zoo park and a super hero party. QUick....make 5 superhero capes for me and send them out Monday! LOL. You have to love little ceasars 5 buck pizza's, popcorn, water bottles and a bakery who will make bat and spider cookies! OH, and a mom who purchases super hero waterbottles, and lets the kids make spray paint tshirts as a party favor! OH yeah...I rock, unless the friends can't come to the party cuz I sent the invites out toooooo late! LOL Cheri..he's going to be 5! I cna't stop kissing him and holding his hand! I feel like I just lost Jersti for good! She's gone all day at Kindergarten. Sheesh! Oooh Kale just kissed me again! :)
    AND...i'm not a brat for being knew it would benefit me one day!


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