Thursday, August 13, 2009


Cottage Living - on steroids.

I used to be somewhat hesitant to call our home "The Cottage" - fearing it is too big to be considered a cottage.  But now that I've been to Jekyll Island's Historic District and seen the COTTAGES there, I am no longer hesitant.

These actual cottages used around the turn of the Century (1880-1940) were the winter vacation get-a-ways.  Some of the folk who owned the cottages...

The Crane Family (a wealthy plumber - plumbing fixtures) 
The J.P. Morgan Family (Chase Banks)
The Goodyear Family (not tires - textiles)
The Gould Family (A Railroad tycoon)
The William Rockefeller Family (brother of John D. - and just as wealthy

Not everyone who vacationed on the island owned a cottage.  Those who didn't own their own cottage - like poor William Rockefeller (brother of John D.  Rockefeller) would stay at the luxurious Jekyll Island Club -- which now us poor folk can enjoy for between $200 and $400/night.  Or, if you prefer...a couple of the cottages have rooms for rent too....just a room --not the entire cottage!

People still play croquet on the front lawn of the Club.
"Must wear all white attire"  --  Dress code enforced.

Secret:  The Federal Reserve Bank was planned at a SECRET meeting on Jekyll Island.
Click here to read more about this historic event.

Ok, I'm done with the history lesson.  I don't expect you to remember all this or even care about it.  I hardly remembered any of it.  DIY Guy had to help me with details.  I'm not so good with the details.  I was more emersed in the huge cottages -- that looked more like the mansions in Stillwater and St. Paul to me!

I'll just go on the record here and say that I'm glad that I only have to clean and keep up my little's way more than enough.

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  1. Great pictures of the cottages! Just to let your followers know, William Rockefeller did indeed have a cottage and it is known as Indian Mound cottage. He bought this cottage from Gordon McKay in 1904 and owned it until his death in 1922. Next time your down you should definitely check it out, as it is undergoing extensive renovations as of late which is why it got missed on tour. It will be wonderful to see once it is open for tours. Thanks for visiting. We hope you had a lovely time!

  2. Thanks History Guys for setting me straight! DIY Guy (my husband) actually informed me after my post that William Rockefeller had a cottage. I never got around to fixing it.


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