Monday, August 10, 2009

Buying Chickens

Today I drove to Squash Blossom Farm to buy some chickens.  The farmstead is about 5 minutes (maybe less) from the cottage (my house).

The farmstead is so quaint and interesting.  I was greeted by Susan as I pulled in the driveway, and she graciously gave me a tour of the farm before I left with my chickens. . . .

They have LOTS of free range chickens at Squash Blossom Farm --

and 9 young turkeys
(in November they will be the main attraction at a certain holiday dinner)

As we walked to see the pigs, the chickens followed us. . .it was hysterical to see 60+ chickens following me!

The pigs -- "Pink" and "Purple" were having a great time doing what pigs do -- wallowing in the mud -- in the shaded woods.

Back to the yard . . . and the chicken brigade follows . . .

The cows  . . .Lariat, Lasso and Rueben (Sandwich)

What's not to love about calves?

the produce . . .

The chickens I picked up today . . . they were vacuum packed.
As in . . . "harvested" in tonight's dinner.

I'm pretty sure I got the end of the fresh chicken for this harvest...but Farmer Susan tells me there will be about 40 more harvested in a week or so.  You can become a fan of Squash Blossom Farm on Facebook.  You can also see many more beautiful photos of the farm, the animals and their projects by checking out their blog here.  Roger and Susan live on the farm with their two daughters, Cadence and Sarah.  This family is a very creative group.  They are entrepreuners --that include an architect/musician/performer, Artist/journalist/photographer ...check out the blog and you'll see what I mean!  

Squash Blossom Farm is a small, sustainable farmstead north of Rochester, MN.  They bake wood-fired sourdough and other delectable breads for the Rochester Downtown Farmer's Market, where they also sell sprouts, veggies and free-range chickens.

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  1. Am already hooked on their blog! Can't wait to read through it all. Can't believe this is only their first year on the farm and they have so much going on.


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