Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bloom'n Cactus

DIY Guy has a cactus collection.  It all started when his mom sent him to college with a cactus "start" from one of her cactus plants.  Over the years his cactus has had many "babies" which he likes to plant as starters for other people.  There have been times when we've had dozens of little cacti in little pots sitting all over the place -- which to tell you the truth makes me crazy-- but mostly in the winter -- because then all the little cacti -- and the big ones must come indoors.  Finding spots for dozens of cactus can be a challenge.

The BEST part of his cactus -- is this . . .

They bloom!
Once a year -- one or two blooms per plant.
and they are amazingly beautiful.

Sadly, the blooms only last a couple days.

so we get pretty excited around here when it's time for the cactus to bloom!
We even know when it will bloom -- saying things like:
"About 2 more days"
"looks like another day"
"tomorrow's the day"

Inside the bloom --- another little flower!

Giving credit where credit is due:
DIY Guy took all the photos except f
or the last one...
that was mine.

If you'd like a cactus "baby" DIY Guy would be happy to "plant one up for ya".
Just let us know!


  1. that is pretty cool

  2. I know cari wants a cactus baby and i think jessica does too!

  3. hahah, I remember when they were all lined up at your old house on the back fence. I never knew the story behind them though

  4. Tiffani S.8:33 AM CDT

    Those are beautiful!

  5. Since having children I have killed every single plant I had... I can't imagine the shame I would feel at killing a cactus... :-)

  6. Good thing it didn't bloom when you were on vacation. Amazing that something prickly and not so pretty could produce something so beautiful. I'm seeing some spiritual analogies here.


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