Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random parade & R&R

It's not often one comes upon a random parade . . . of tractors!

Today at about 10:30 am -- I had just left church -- and met up with this approximately one- mile long parade of all kinds of different tractors.  Some had flags, some had kids riding with them.  Old tractors, new tractors.  Very cool.  The line of tractors went on much farther than my little "pocket" camera had a view of.  

I looked online to see if there was any news about this random parade -- but nothing.  If you happen to know anything about this random parade --- I'd love to hear what it was!

I might have followed the tractor parade out of curiousity.

But I had an appointment in the backyard . . .

DIY Guy had to "work for the man" at Big Blue all weekend. . .

I was really lazy this weekend . . .but only for a couple hours on Saturday.
Ok, Sunday too.  

Good luck DJ and Nate on your first day of classes at WSU Monday!!!


  1. I saw the tractors too! It was really neat to see people from 8 to 82 riding on them. The only thing that I was thinking it could be was a parade/march since the news keeps talking about family farms struggling??? No idea!

  2. We caught the very end of it passing us as we were waiting at the top of the exit....such fun! I wondered what it was all about too...maybe a question for the P-B's Answer Man?

  3. Tiffani S7:52 PM CDT

    Found this :)

  4. Thanks Tiffani! I was so happy to see the article in tonight's paper when I got home from work!


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