Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Twins beat the White Sox on Tuesday night....and we like to believe it was because WE were there!  (hehe)

Mode of transportation:  Big Yellow School Bus 
With:  About 40 others from church

Kirk and I took some favorite kids with us . . .
(unfortunately our Wild One wasn't home yet, or we would have brought her too)
Jersti, Danae & Mike ....and

Kate and Nate, plus Kale 

As excited as this almost 5 year old boy was
to ride on the school bus, he just couldn't avoid a nap.

Seats in Centerfield - right behind Carlos Gomez!
Only a few rows back.

These 6 "kids" were almost more entertaining
than the game!  Especially the first few innings.

Two Twins T-Shirts:   $13.99
 8 Tickets:                     $120.00
Taking two three kids 
to their first major league game:


  1. Goooo Twins, Gavin and Brice are there tonight.
    I hope you're having a great first night with Cara home.

  2. uhm HELLLOOOOO it was MY first major league baseball game tooooo!!!!! so try THREE kids!!!! :) :) :)

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  4. Fun times. Those little cousins will have such good memories getting to hang out with the big cousins and aunts and uncles too :)

  5. Amy DeVries11:29 PM CDT

    Those little cousins DO have great memories and what a GREAT example they are to the little cousins to include them! All those older cousins Dietzman and Freemire really "step up to the plate" to be FANTASTIC older cousins! Always a HOME RUN!

    Mama Amy

  6. And thanks for the Twins Tshirts! SO CUTE! The pix are priceless! I need you to send me the week full of pix on a cd! PULEEEZE! They need it in their photo album Ms. Pix! I can't wait for my bday present. I love it!


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