Thursday, July 16, 2009

Old Faithful

Ever hear the old adage (or is it a Proverb? ;) that a man should never buy his woman a gift that has a cord or plugs in?

DIY Guy has heard the adage.  He knows it.  And he has given me two gifts that plug-in.  One was a vacuum for my birthday one year. 

The other plug-in gift with-a-cord was this . . .

DIY Guy gave this AWESOME and most used appliance to me on our 7th Wedding anniversary.  I was 9 months pregnant with our Baby Girl....and I asked for this wonderful corded gift.

My Kitchen-Aid mixer is just couple months shy of 21 years old.  I still use it several times a week.  I've made thousands (maybe millions?) of cookies with it.  I've also made many frostings, cakes, bars, pizza dough and bread---  

It has NEVER broke (unlike other appliances in my life) in all it's 21 years.

About that old adage:
Men....if your woman asks for a Kitchen-Aid Mixer, it is OK to get this ONE plug-in, corded gift for her.  But please don't buy her a vacuum. :)

In fact, if your wife bakes....get her a Kitchen-Aid mixer even if she doesn't ask for one!  She'll thank you.  And she will bake you yummy cookies!


  1. Agreed!!! I love mine!!!! I wish I got to use it more!!!

  2. I got hoses for mother's day one year. They dont plug in, but husbands please dont get your wives hoses for mother's day.

    A friend of mine gave me her kitchen aid... just gave it to me!

  3. Wow -- (blush) -- did I really do that. Vacuum - ouch -- I'm so sorry. It's a good thing I have a short memory for things like that and can learn from some of my mistakes ;)

  4. hahah, that was cute. I'm very impressed that it's still goin. It's nice to find things that last. Haha, I remember when my mom got hoses, I was too young realize and tell my dad it wasn't a good idea...

  5. Hey Kirk... get her the frigerator... she'll forget all about the vaccuum! I'm here for you Cheri!

  6. I never got a Kitchen Aid until I was married for over 45 yrs. Why didn't I ever get one??? To think of all those cookies and red velvet cakes that I made without it !!!! I love it now and don't see how I got along with out it.


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