Monday, July 06, 2009

Meet My Sister

It's a different world these days!

Last week Danae introduced Mike to her sister. Unfortunately Cara wasn't in Rochester for the meeting. She was in Cincinnati sitting on her bed, and Mike was in Rochester, sitting on Danae's bed.

They met each other via "Skype" - on the computer screen!

There's been more than a few Skype meetings this summer.
Kirk and I also met Cara's boyfriend, Tim on Skype.

Of course nothing beats face-to-face talking and interaction.
But for now, Skype is shortening the distance.

Mike talked to Cara....while Danae straightened her hair!


  1. Wow, technology is incredible. I guess it is the next best thing to face to face.

  2. Oh so fun!!! He'll get a kick out of this, I told him he was safe until the face to face ;)

  3. Man... technology is changing relationships... too cute!


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