Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Time's Up!
Winner will be announced Saturday

This is a must-read-to-the-end  kind of post . . .

I love trying new recipes.
I also love magazines, 

that's why I love this  . . .

I've been a subscriber since 2005.  

Last January I shared with you an amazing pea soup recipe I found in Cuisine at Home.  You can get the recipe by clicking here if you missed that entry.

Cuisine has more than just recipes.  Each edition features a tips and techniques from readers section. 

and an "all about" section.

April 2006 featured eggs.
Did you know that eggs are good 4-5 weeks beyond the "sell by" or expiration date on the carton?  

there is also a section on basic techniques ...

And.....there is "review" section  ----   which (you guessed itreviews various kitchen products.  I bought DIY Guy a Belgium Waffle maker that was reviewed and we bought our "Wild One" a hand mixer according to reviews in Cuisine.

One of Cuisine's best features --- NO ADVERTISEMENTS.  None. Zip.  Zero. 

I enjoy my subscription to Cuisine at Home so much that I'm GIVING AWAY a one-year subscription to one of you! 
I'm SO excited !

To enter the contest, answer the following question in the Comments
Section of this post:

What kitchen item would you tell a new cook is a "must have" in the kitchen?
Wooden spoons?  A special cookie sheet?  Le Creuset cookware?  Oven mitt?

Now for the "fine print" . . .THE RULES  

One entry per person, please.

No entries after 11:00 pm Central Time Friday (July 24)

Continental US addresses only.

Winner will be chosen by a random drawing and announced Saturday evening July, 25.


  1. A wine rack! :-) I don't have one though because the wine never lasts that long! Ha! I love a huge pantry... but appliance must vegetable steamer/rice cooker gets used the most.

  2. like wendy although i don't have one I would LOVE a le Cresuet (sp?) forgive me it's late...I don't know if i'm qualified for this since i'm family...but i'll give it a try :) see you in less than a week mommy :)

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  4. I need a nice coffee pot and so does every other hostess.
    and a good 9 X 13 baking dish for brownies and lasagna.

  5. I would say a great set of knives! They make cooking so much easier :)

  6. Anonymous10:25 AM CDT

    I think you must have a measuring cup and measuring spoons when you begin cooking. Later as a more experienced cook, you may be able to do without these and go with such descriptions as "walnut size", size of your fist, etc.

  7. Ideally a kitchen aide, but a good hand mixer and a nest of bowls is a must.

  8. It's gotta be the small spreader knife that I use for about anything that needs "speading". It also has a serrated egde on it for cutting what ever need cutting. I Love it!

  9. Anonymous9:54 PM CDT

    a 9x13 baking stone. I LOVE it. Great for cookies, bar cookies, home made pizza name it. and nothing every burns! I actually left my house one day forgetting that I put the last batch of snickerdoodles in the oven. They were supposed to bake for 11 mins...mine backed for 55 mins. On a "normal" cookie sheet, can we say charred mess? But on the stone, they were still edible..and good! Too much information...but wanted to share. :)

    -Kathy Jamison

  10. How weird is that??? I thought I posted a big long comment (and the first one too!) last night about how much I love love LOVE my new stainless cookware...and my tip was to never buy your cookware in a "set" but rather to only buy the pieces, and good quality ones at that, that you really need.

    The thing that tipped the scales for me when I was shopping for new cookware was reading this comment on a message board "I don't understand a person who complains about the cost of cookware to get a really quality piece, who then turns around and spends $100 on one meal at a restaurant. Just think about how many amazing meals you could cook if you spent that $100 on one or two quality pans!

  11. Something I think everyone can afford - a pair of kitchen scissors. Easier to use than knives and pizza cutters and a must to have when cutting food for the little kids!!


  12. It's hard to pick just one item but I'll go with a good old fashioned Betty Crocker cookbook. I have tons of cookbooks from churches and various 'causes' but sometimes you need to know the basics and return to Betty!! Mark loves peach pie & that's where I found a recipe. Now the entire family is hooked on baked peaches!

  13. I would say a nice cutting board. One with a little ledge around it so the juices stay on the board and not on the counter :)

  14. Anonymous8:21 AM CDT

    A good husband that can use all the tools!


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