Sunday, July 12, 2009

C'mon in....the water's fine!

After a busy day on Saturday, we took today off and enjoyed lunch by the pool with the kids --

-- it was a nice, quiet, relaxing lunch

-- until testosterone took over

-- and when testosterone takes over

-- and you are sitting by the pool

-- it's probably best if you are wearing

-- your swimsuit

-- such a gentleman....

-- he didn't want to stand on the side

-- dry... with his girl in the pool
-- so he went in too.

-- um....wait a minute...

...I'm the photographer! I have the camera!

-- wow..this guy is strong!
and look.....he can walk on water!

-- within minutes of this...DIY Guy suddenly had something to fix in the garage.


  1. Doesn't this happen at least once a year?!? I think it comes with the territory. :)

  2. wow, I think it's especially funny that he got you! :)


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