Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another breakdown . . .

Back in June I lamented on all the things that were broken at our house.

Here's our list of broken stuff with our DIY Guy's progress....

Pool: Leak  (Still leaking)
Pool: interior light popped out (fixed)
Pool: Solar cover roller broke   (fixed)
Pool: Solar cover needed replacing  (fixed)
Pool: Pump motor broke (fixed)
Pool: Auto vacuum broke  (fixed)
Sensing a theme?
Mower: Flat tire (big mower) - x2  (fixed)
Mower: Won't start (push mower)  (still at the shop)
Gate: Latch  (fixed)
Gate: Latch - a different gate *  (fixed)
Refrigerator: Ice Maker   (won't be fixed)
Refrigerator: Door won't close right  (not fixed yet)

Saturday our dearolddiehardslowlydyingmoneypitscourgeofarefrigerator broke.  Not a big deal....I was only in the middle of preparing food for a party we were hosting that afternoon for about 30 people.  Not a big deal.....just take everything out of your fridge and move it to the garage fridge...oh...and move the stuff in the freezer to the big freezer in the basement...and keep making more food for the fridge.

Got all the food moved...and DIY Guy realized he didn't know what was wrong with the fridge this time (like he did 10 months ago).  Not a big deal....call the repairman.  Nevermind on the repairman - did you know they charge double on weekends?  No problem, we can til Monday.

DIY Guy was VERY happy to hear that the 'ole girl (not me!) only needed a $160 part and she'd be good to go!
At one point over the weekend, I thought I heard DIY Guy mumble something like "maybe we should just get a new one" or something crazy like that.  

Upon hearing that mumble, I went into refrigerator dream & fantasy mode.
I SO could see this beauty in my kitchen . . .

Or this one . . .
I imagined . . .
1.  all my kitchen appliances matching!
2.  a working ice maker
3.  no more side-by-side insanity
4.  a freezer that was wider than 9 inches
5.  no more breakdowns  (at least for a few years)

But, alas and alack...she is fixed.  
And, we have all that money in the bank still.


  1. Mixed emotions re: new refrig and saving money by fixing the old one. I know the feeling

  2. Can you say "refrigerator envy"? I knew you could ... :)

  3. shoot, I wanted you to get the new one :) but I'm not the one paying, so I'm also glad you saved :/


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