Monday, July 27, 2009

300 miles

300 miles. . . . to Exit 92 on Interstate 90 in the Wisconsin Dells....and back to Rochester. pick up some precious cargo my sister was delivering today.

1.  Our boy . . .who had just spent a week at camp (counseling middle school boys and being the camp photographer) -- with his Aunt and cousins and about 70 others at a camp in Dickson Valley, IL  . . .

2.  the other precious cargo ....
my youngest nephew, Kale . . .

3.   his precocious older sister, Jersti.

Kisses and hugs good-bye from Aunt Dee Dee . . .
(who did the meet I drop-off for their mom)
and settling into Aunt Cheri's car . . .

Finally "home" for week . . .
a poolside dinner 
followed by a swim in the pool
and a soak in the hot tub

and the little angels went to bed 

and to sleep

like little angels.  

A successful and happy day #1 at Aunt Cheri and Uncle Kirk's.

Dinner conversation this evening:
DJ:  Have you guys seen the movie "UP"?
Jersti:  "No"
Kale:   "Yes"
DJ:  "Really, Kale? With who?"
Kale:  "Oh, no I saw 'DOWN'".


  1. It was fun seeing those two little cutie's last night. Man, have they grown! Have a great week with them, isnt it fun being "Auntie's" to little ones after your own are all grown up :)

  2. Amy DeVries9:22 PM CDT

    WOW! He's pretty resourceful! He must have directed, produced and acted in this one man show! He obviously has his older sister Brigs "IMAGINATION"! Tells random fibs. You remember...I died when Brigs was in first grade!

    Kiss them from me and don't believe a word Kale says.
    Thanks for loving them! LY AIM


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