Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend work

As much as I wanted to sit by the pool, sip iced tea and read magazines this weekend, there was a pressing job to be done...

...and I don't mean ironing either.

...I'm talk'n serious pressing

... and moving "material" as DIY Guy called it . . .

...then raking and more pounding the "material"

... just so you can see that us girls worked too...
we admit, not as much as the guys, but we worked.

... while the guys directed...

... have I mentioned there was lots of raking?

...and shoveling gravel, mean "material" . . .

...check out DIY guy supervising the young men !

... they work hard for the money man ...
Money?  Who said anything about money?

...According to DIY Guy, getting the gravel material 
level is critical to a level patio.

...we had to "get this step right".
After much debate, we settled on my idea
for getting it level.

...and it worked VERY well, thank you very much!
Sometimes you don't have to be an
Engineer to design stuff!

P.S.  Oh, that's Mike helping us.  He'll probably be making appearances on the blog now and then.


  1. I've been meaning to stop up and check on that deck business, looks like it's gonna be huge.

  2. "he'll probably be making an appearance now and then" LOVE IT!!! haha your a dork :) Looks good!

  3. Ugh -- my aching back :)

    This will be a good DIY project to have finished.


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