Sunday, June 21, 2009


The guys finished installing the pavers on the patio!  Still have a couple more steps to go...but we are in the home stretch - and I can hardly wait to start planting and "setting up"!

It's hard for me to comprehend a saw
 that can cut through brick

It's amazing how much dust it puts in the air!

Nate had an eager assistant

who also happens to be a great nurse-in-training
(she was very concerned about the deep scratch on my shin and was pretty serious about taking care of it.)

These two munchkins were "ours" for the day

After a long swim in the pool and a snack

a rest in the shade with some books
seemed like a natural thing to do

a for a three year old --- a needed hour of rest.


  1. Thanks for taking them & sharing pics!

  2. Sweet pictures. I love the ones of the kids on the blanket.


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