Tuesday, June 30, 2009


If the situation wasn't so
frustrating, annoying and time consuming,
we'd almost have to laugh

I'm pretty sure this is where most of the trouble started...back in April or May. I think it all started within a matter of minutes from when the above photo was taken.

DIY Guy ran into a bit of a snag while mowing

A pretty messy snag too - he ran over some wire laying hidden in the grass. (why there was wire in our grass is a blog for another day).

It was impossible to get at it with the mower on the ground, so DIY GUy asked himself his usual question, "What would Larry do"? Meaning...how would Larry (a wise friend and fellow DIY-er) get this big ol' mower off the ground. DIY Guy looked no further than the wood pile and firepit --- and built himself a "Larry style" ramp.

which allowed easy access to the wires binding the mower blades. This is where my DIY assistant wisdom came through....

Once I saw the tangled wire, I knew this was the answer. Wire cutters are my friend.

It only took a few minutes to get the wire snipped, and then DIY Guy was back on the Zero Turn mower finishing the back 40 - er, I mean back 2.

I SO wish that was the end of our broken stuff. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning. In the last month the following things have needed repair here at the cottage....

Pool: Leak
Pool: interior light popped out
Pool: Solar cover roller broke
Pool: Solar cover needed replacing*
Pool: Pump motor broke*
Pool: Auto vacuum broke*
Sensing a theme?
Mower: Flat tire (big mower) - x2**
Mower: Won't start (push mower)
Gate: Latch *
Gate: Latch - a different gate *
Refrigerator: Ice Maker *
Refrigerator: Door won't close right *

* Items have been repaired.
Other items are waiting for parts. The little mower is at the shop.

All I have to say right now is....

There isn't much this guy can't fix....and I sure am proud of him!
(even if it means he's managed to repair the fridge so many times - nixing my chance of getting a new one!)


  1. There's always something to fix, why is that????

  2. oh the down falls of a diy guy..."I'll just fix it!!" You'll never get a fridge at this rate!

  3. I'm in awe... fixing stuff... a novel idea! You mean it doesn't have to sit around for 10 years before thinking to fix it? See now I'm all mad at Dan... Look what you did Kirk! Fix that! :-)

  4. haha, cute post, but I'm sorry you have so much broken stuff!!! grr. good thing Kirk can figure it out :)

  5. Wendy....don't be discouraged! There are plenty of things that have been sitting around for 10 years waiting to be fixed! I have even thrown things away that I got tired of waiting for them to be fixed!

    Does that help?


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