Sunday, June 28, 2009

More smiles and giggles . . .

About a month ago Cara called me 
from Cincinnati

She was giggling 
and sounded pretty darn happy.

She had just gone on a date.

She is still

Because now she has a boyfriend.  
Do you still say "boy" friend, when the "boy" is a man?

Either way, they are spending a lot of time together.
She likes him.  He likes her.

Her daddy is in denial.
Her mommy wishes she lived closer.

I was the mom that made great efforts to know all my kids friends through school and college.  And now this....    oh dear.  
I feel road trip coming on....for either them... or us.


  1. yes please. road trip for sure :)

  2. Oh man... your kids are really growing up... Oh man...

  3. Oh that sweet Cara's got herself a guy :) Nice picture of the two of them.


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