Monday, June 01, 2009

Lapidary Mom

See the stone on the left?  That was what the pendant in the middle started from! mom is the one who transformed that rough stone into a pendant!

Mom spent some time in Arizona over the winter....and kept herself busy learning the ins and outs of the lapidary world.

She learned to cut, shape and polish a stone and put it in a silver setting.

She made me a turquoise pendant 

and gave it to ME - her daughter - on Mother's Day!

and I absolutely, positively LOVE it!
Thanks Mom!

p.s.   your Mother's Day present will be coming soon!


  1. You're mom made that???? That's gorgeous!

  2. Yea!!!! Go Grandma!!!

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  4. It was fun making it for you Cheri, I like the chain you wear it on.

  5. It's beautiful. What a great hobby!


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