Tuesday, May 05, 2009

We're having a fowl time here . . .

Last week a duck "couple" visited us for a while.  They were careful to keep their distance.

Sunday afternoon while DIY Guy and I were working on a project (I'll show you later) we looked up to see this pigeon watching us.
The bird was definitely not fearful of us.

Within minutes it flew down from the roof and began walking around the ground very near to us.  As I walked nearer, it didn't fly away.

Then before long, the pigeon was eating chicken feed from my hand!  Yesterday when I came home from work....the pigeon was still there.  So I fed it again.

Notice the leg bands on its legs?  One leg has a green band, the other a white band.  There used to be someone nearby that had homing pigeons -- I haven't seen them in awhile, but I'm wondering if this is one of them....that, well....didn't make it "home".

Today, when I got home from work and got out of the car...the silly pigeon came walking up to me!  So I got some more chicken feed -- which it ate an overflowing handful of.  This evening I went looking for the pigeon....and couldn't find it.  I'm hoping Gabby didn't get it, since it tends to spend a lot of time on the ground.  We tried to put the fear of God (to Gabby, WE are god) into the dog every time she walked near the pigeon.  I'm hoping for the best.

Every time I see a pigeon, I think of this:
Our Nate has always been a "choosy" eater.  As an elementary student, he rarely bought a school lunch.  One particular day he decided to buy his lunch knowing chicken was being served.  When I asked him after school how his chicken lunch was, he said, "that wasn't chicken, it was pigeon!"


  1. hahahaha, I am pretty sure I remember talking with my friends at school about that... It's cuz it didn't look or taste like chicken, so we said it was pigeon.

    And people are gonna start thinking you're a crazy bird lady, before long you'll be covered in them sitting on the step singing:

    "Feed the birds...Twopence a baaagggg... twopence, twopence, twopence a bag...."

  2. I love Nate's crazy bird lady reference! You make a cute crazy bird lady! What are you gonna do if that pigeon won't go home? Better read up on making pigeon hutches...


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