Thursday, May 28, 2009


Cheri and Nate + 9.
Ha...not even close!  Nate and I are enjoying the process of watching the Robin's raise their young though.

The "Quads" (back of house) at around 7:00 pm were very hungry!

...while the Quints (front of house) were sleepy . . .

...It takes both momma and daddy Robin to feed the Quints now . . .

... In a Robin's world...the daddy's do the diapers!

...yes, that is the male taking the fecal sac straight from his offspring's rear!  If you dare, click on the picture for a bigger photo!

As Nate was going out last night, he found one of the "Quints" on the driveway.  It was still alive and moving, and looked so pathetic and helpless. . .

. . . so he gently picked it up

. . . and put it back in the nest with the other four

. . . then Nate and I rigged a safety net.  We couldn't stand the thought of it hitting the ground again....or Gabby getting hold of it.

Robins identify their babies the way we humans recognize ours-  by sight and sound, not by smell. So it's ok to safely put the babies back in the nest.

. . . it worked.
There was a little one in a box this morning.

. . . we're trying something new tonight.  We took a grapevine wreath that has a Robin's nest on it from last year and connected it to the light fixture.

. . . there just isn't enough room in that little nest for 5 babies!  Our plan is to set the ones that fall out in the "lower level" nest and hope that momma and daddy Robin will care for both nests of their brood!

I can't believe we are doing this.  There must be some kind of genetic defect to have a soft heart for wildlife -- and both Nate and I have it.   Der.
As soon as these little ones leave the nest....we are taking the dang things down.  Robins have two broods one after the other each spring.  I can't take another brood!  I need my beauty sleep.


  1. Ah....what wonderful landlords you are! I think it's sweet how much you are watching over them. I'd be out there doing the same thing. ;-)

  2. well those little birdies are well taken care of.

  3. Good rescue Nate!
    TMI on the daddy diaper duty! I DID NOT enlarge that pic.

  4. I'm hoping Cheri and Nate + 9 fairs better than John and Kate + 8...

  5. That is so cute, and i love the pictures


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