Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long time...oh

photo courtesy of Nate

Long time no blog eh?
I've bin kinda busy, dontcha know?  It's spring in Minne-so-ta, and dat means ders plenty of things to do outside....and inside.
Sorry for that momentary slip into Minnesota accent...we watched "New In Town" last night.  All  Minnesotan's (even transplants like us) will definitely appreciate the movie!

Here's a peak at life around here the past few days...

The Quints all hatched

By Saturday night, all the Quads hatched too

more on this project later !

The men enjoy a bit of R and R

Baby girl came home for the weekend (and baked)

Her friends (our other kids) came home too . . .

 DIY Guy celebrated the big 50 on Sunday

Our friend Tammy has a birthday the day before DIY Guy
We celebrated their birthday's together

Presents from the kids . . .
A penny passport for his squished penny collection
An L.L. Bean travel (ditty bag)
that didn't arrive in time

A flop of a cake
(it took 3 tries to get it right) Der.

"Bunny food" planted on Monday
Still there on Tuesday!

aaannnnd....a little solar cover cleaning
because we have nasty birds that "dump" on our cover
for the first few weeks of spring.

photo courtesy of Nate

Don't be jealous....DIY Guy and I had both Friday AND Monday off!
I'm already trying to figure out when I can take some more days off!  That's one thing I can never get enough of!


  1. can i just say i thoroughly enjoy how awkward i look in the picture of me jumping? hahahaha great capture! :)

  2. I was wondering who that was danae!! It makes me want home so bad...you shouldn't do this to me mom!!! And new in town is def one of my top fav movies!!!

  3. That cake looked really good, yum. You've been a busy lady, thanks for the update :)

  4. And you didn't even cover the tale of the great floor cleaning debate -- what's the best way to clean a drywall dust encrusted concrete floor?

  5. I've never seen baby birds that newly hatched. Maybe we can see them Sunday.


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