Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Then there were none

Last Wednesday there were three 

On Sunday we were down to two . . .

and tonight, there is only one . . .

of our three kids still at home.

Cara and I took Danae back to Winona Sunday afternoon - she has a May class she is taking.  She'll be back on June 1.

Cara is back in Cincinnati tonight. 
I dropped her off at the airport this afternoon.

I'm not myself today.  
I wasn't yesterday either.    

I know I must face the harsh reality that my children might not live anywhere near me in just a few short years.  I don't like that possibility - and I was very clear about that with God last night.  In the darkness of my room, and in the comfort of my bed, I knew He understood.  But I was still mad.


  1. I love you mama...and we love returning to the nest :) You gave us wings to fly...well done :)

  2. Very cool pictures!! And I so love reading about all your beautiful, amazing times as a family.

  3. Cool pictures. It doesn't seem fair that kids can leave does it! I think it's very cool though that you are honest with God in your prayers. It was nice to see you a few times this past week, hope I see you soon!

  4. oh mom :) if i move away i'll tell ya this much, by the time i have kids, i'll be back! ;)

    p.s. how much editing did you do on those pics?! b/c they look awesome!!! :)

  5. I love how much you love your kids Cheri...:-)

  6. I understand your tears and anger now more than ever!

  7. oh, and were those real pictures? Were they jumping on a trampoline?
    If she they look like professional acrobats!

  8. Umm.... We've got some kid you can borrow.

    Housebroken (mostly) and you already know them.

    They love trampolines, and one would volunteer to be the firestarter every night.


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