Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday I mentioned that we went to a little town called Fremont to take care of some "car business".

The trip was made even brighter when
our two kids met us there

they did come to see us --
but they mostly came to say good-bye

to their wheels

Baby Girl named the car "Tanya"
Boy....wasn't so into that name though.

This trusty little Toyota 
took them (and their older sister)
to and from high school for 4 years

then to and from college

Born in 1990

at 19 years old

with 140,000+ miles

these wheels are no longer going 
to transport our kids....
she died of transmission failure.

Now we have some car decisions
to make and it's complicated.

We currently have:
1996 Caravan  (bought new)
1998 Mazda pick-up  (bought used)
2001 Toyota Camry  (bought used)

Our "newest" vehicle is 8 years old!
But hey, they are all paid for!
So what do we sell?  buy?
Anything?  Nothing?


  1. First: This post is depressing.
    Second: I absolutely LOVED that car... I never named her, she was much too good for a common HUMAN name, she was far beyond that, she was a goddess, worthy of a name like Aphrodite or Calypso...
    Third: Do NOT sell anything
    Fourth: Buy a new car PLEASE??? :-)
    Fifth: I will miss what I called "my little go-kart" A LOT...

  2. On second thought, sell the Van.

  3. Kids, I am sorry for your loss.

    Is Kirk rejoicing?

  4. i agree w/nate - depressing. i actually DID love that car.

    i won't even go into the rest of that comment :)

  5. SIXTH: Danae is mean, and is absolutely clueless of the inner workings of the male brain.

  6. Remember that Oldsmobile commercial -- this is not your father's Oldsmobile -- well...

    This Toyota is not your Father's Toyota -- but it was your Mother's Toyota Cheri -- or in the case of you kids...

    It was your Grandmother's Camry... and came to us via Aunt Amy.

    I agree it was a great car and worth every penny we paid for it.

  7. I liked her! Some great times with that little car!

  8. Tanya was a great car. I picked her up at a car dealership the day she was traded in by a doctor's wife. (she didn't have power windows). I think I paid $8,000, she was young with only about 4,000 miles on her. Never had a problem with her. She replaced my litte olds cutlas so I could make the trip to see Amy graduate collage. It was fun knowing she was in the good hands of my grandchildren. (I like the name she was given.) Good by little Tanya! You served our family well!


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