Sunday, April 12, 2009

Was your weekend crazy, busy, amazing and fun like mine?  
The 2 college punks came home Thursday night ... and that's when the non-stop activity began.

I realize you all are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear how I spent my Easter weekend....well...I'd like to know how you spent yours!  (We'll get to the rest of weekend later this week --- and the job report).

Easter Sunday.  Began with church.  A message on hope.  
So much crap in our lives...things that steal our hope.  Sickness, death, loss of job, divorce.  Maybe even betrayal.  Of a friend.  I wasn't going to "go here" today (or ever)....but dagnabit...God stirred it up today... at church.  
We were all given a piece of sea glass at the start of today's service.  The glass was to be representative of things that have "cut" into our hope.  Lately I've felt pretty when the drama talked about sickness, divorce, abuse, etc. I sat comfortably in my seat...thankful for the hope I felt.  Then Doug (our pastor) brought up the cutting words...."perhaps your hope has been injured  by the betrayal of a friend".  Ouch.  Truth is, I did lose hope over a friend betrayal many years ago -- and it robbed me of hope for several years.  
(betrayal: nto disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to: to betray one's friends.
Today was significant.  It was 5 years ago on Easter weekend that the pains and feelings of hopelessness began as I felt the sting of my best friend's betrayal.
But...don't feel sad for me....let me share with you that as hard as those years were, as hopeless as they felt - today I am full of hope.  So today when I laid my piece of sea glass down on the table of hope....I was feeling very hopeful.  Very thankful.  God is the God of Hope.

Those were very painful years for me (and Kirk), but today....we are so hopeful.  God has given us friendships that are so much better.  They are healthy, growing friendships.....and they give me hope. A new and fresh hope in people.
last night Baby Girl and I spent time cooking together in the kitchen with 2 of her friends, while three other friends "hung out" and watched (they were guys).

We made these

and today I celebrated
 friendship and hope

as I dropped off a plate of the cheerful
cake ball cupcakes (made by friends)
 - to our wonderful friends

who were getting ready for their
children and grandchildren to arrive for dinner

then I took some pictures 
of her beautiful table settings

I knew her grandkids would love
 the little cupcakes
So we put then in the center
of the kids table

we've done some "swapping" lately.
she has some of my grass on her table,
and as of today, I have her quilts on my bed!

Dave wanted to take a picture of all of us.
Then the kids and I headed home
for our dinner.
After our Easter dinner - just the 4 of us.
(Derek had to work)
Ham, cheesy potatoes, asparagus, 
deviled eggs, fresh fruit, rolls 
& homemade cheesecake.
Kirk and the punks took off
to play some tennis.

While they were gone, the Easter bunny paid a visit. (how pathetic)  The children could hardly wait to look for their "bag".  I was so lame....didn't even get the baskets out of the attic for them.  
But c'mon...they are 20 and 21!
Gabby showed Danae where hers was hiding.

then directed Nate near to where he needed to look.

Here's what the Easter Bunny brought Nate...
It's a collectible pop-up book of Narnia stories.
The Narnia series of books have always been his favorites.  He's read them over and over and listened to them on CD more times than he probably even knows.  With his love of reading, and future career as a teacher - we figured he'd enjoy the book.

So, I've been all over the place in this blog.  Sheesh.
Were you "all over the place" today?  Or just one place?  


  1. Glad to hear you got out and played today too. It was an amazing day from start to finish.

  2. just one my bed...unless you count the laundry room :(

  3. I love that pot of grass! Very cool :)

  4. Over the weekend we were a little all over the place too! Saturday lunchtime was spent with Greg's brother and family -lunch, walk to the park, walk to the ice cream shop, then back to a diff park, then back to their house. Then off to MY brother's house, out to dinner, back to their house, quick shopping excursion, sleepover, Easter service at the "hometown" church, back to their house for lunch, to Lake Calhoun for a windy walk, to Caribou for a late afternoon treat, then home to the Hinterland in time for bed!


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