Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This is how we roll
when we gather the family
each Spring - in lieu of Easter dinner

We play lots of cards 
Game of choice this year:  Nertz

On Saturday we head to the gym 

where we literally climb the wall and play ping-pong & carpet ball, volleyball, basketball and kickball.

We also take care of each other . . .esp. when a little one isn't feeling well....

and we play more cards....and ate.
We ate very well, thank you very much.

and we went on walks

and did some team-building
on the Initiatives course

and hiked in the woods

and protected each other from the "boiling lava" ...

it just wouldn't be good to have your sisters
fall into the lava running just beneath them . . .

we also helped each other 
from one stump to another
across the lava pit

then we did some line dancing after more eating . . .

and some acrobatics  . . .

there was a lot of this going on too . . .

and nobody complained about it . . .

I don't want to brag, but the parents of these offspring continually marvel at the love these kids show each other.  It's a beautiful thing. Sometimes we just watch and admire how they all interact.  We learn from our kids sometimes.


  1. loooooooooooove it! :)

    that last picture of all of us kids is so great! :D i just really really wish kale wasn't half standing in front of j! haha SO close to perfection!

  2. there is one from someone elses cam that is perfect, minus deedee who is creepin!! Good blog and well put mom!!! Can't wait for next year :)

    P.S. danae my word verification is fail (e) thought you'd like that


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