Wednesday, April 08, 2009

For real?
Suppose you get a call from the pastor of your church asking if you'd be interested in having a young man rent a room from you --- for, say 3 months or so.  Oh, and your pastor has never met this guy...but he has talked to him on the phone.

And let's say this young man needs to arrive the next weekend so he can start his new job on Monday -- and then suppose you have plans to be out-of-town that weekend.

What would you do?  

DIY Guy and I decided to go with our gut (and heart) and invite the young man to move in for a few months (with approval from our kids)

We arranged for our (amazing) friends, Dave & JoLynn to spend Friday night at our house (with the dogs) and greet our house guest, Derek on Saturday evening.
After feeding Derek dinner, Dave & JoLynn headed home, leaving Derek alone in our home, with the dogs.

We got home Sunday evening.  Derek greeted us as we pulled in the garage.

This is Derek and his wife, Emily.
Derek graduated from Oklahoma State University in December of 2008 with a degree in business and his wife, Emily is currently finishing her PhD in Nutrition at OSU.  They have been married almost 4 years, no kids, 2 dogs.  Derek just accepted a job as an assistant golf pro at Rochester Golf and Country Club and Emily is currently teaching basic nutrition at OSU while finishing her degree.

So, eat your hearts out golfing friends and family....we have our own "personal golf pro" living on site!  That's what I'm talk'n about.

And as sweet as it is to have a golf teacher living under our roof....the experience is just as sweet.  Derek is a charming 25 year old (so yeah, he could be our kid).  DIY Guy and I are thoroughly enjoying our time with Derek.  He fits right in, and is VERY easy to have around.
Tomorrow night Nate & Danae come home for the weekend...I'm excited to have Derek and the kids meet.
I'm pretty sure they will love him as much as we do.

Emily....we are looking forward to meeting you!  Meanwhile, we'll take good care of your guy.

This is Simba - 
"he can't believe he ate the whole thing"
Simba used to be Derek & Emily's cat.
This photo cracked me up -- I thought you'd enjoy it too!

Stop by and meet Derek if you are in the area!


  1. Fun fun...I love the example you set for us by welcoming people into your home :) Excited to meet the new "addition" in may :)

  2. I guess this means that you haven't had to use the wine I sent with him :) Thanks for taking such good care of my hubby, Derek has so many good things to say about you and Kirk. I am looking forward to meeting you and your family soon! You all have been one of the main ways God has shown us this is where he wants us to be. Thanks for letting Him use you to bless us :)

  3. Way to go with your gut Cheri :) I bet he gets to eat a ton of good food, being at your house and all :)

  4. Rick would be drooling...HA.

    I'm sure Derek already knows he's a lucky guy to be hooked up with you two!


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