Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last Friday morning DIY Guy and I headed to St. Louis to visit his family.
Cara also headed to St. Louis on Friday!

Friday evening dad treated us to pizza at Dewey's (you must try Dewey's pizza! -- they have one in Cincinnati too).  While we waited for our table we watched the pizza makers spin the crust. I think I might add "learn to spin pizza crust" to my list of 100 (a.k.a. bucket list).

Saturday the "kids" and "granddaughter" went to work on dad's garage.

Cleaning the garage was an all day job.
It started out pretty stressful for dad to see us kids going through all his stuff - and moving it around....and tossing it out.

Cara did a great job of distracting and calming dad.  Here they are going through some papers together they found.

then Cara entertained us with the hula hoop and played "dress-up" with grandpa.  She got a kick out of his "Dietz" hard hat.

DIY Guy worked on dad's edger. 
He took it apart, replaced a broken part, and put it back together.
Starting it was a slight challenge...the "engine starter" spray was the good luck charm!

After completing the garage project, dad was SO excited and happy to see his spic-n-span garage that he took us all out for dinner ...AGAIN!

This time --  Mexican.

The strolling guitar player was awesome and so were the "Cadillac Margaritas" !

Sunday DIY Guy, Cara and I headed to TJ Maxx and scored some great deals, then we enjoyed dinner with cousins Dan & Cathy, and Aunt Betty & Uncle Clarence.

Monday morning was breakfast at First Watch with Don & Ralph (dad).  Cara joined us for breakfast before heading back to Cincinnati.

I hate saying good-bye to Cara.  
I hate it.


  1. i want that hard hat.... haha that's awesome.

  2. haha...it was pretty sweet! oh and mom you stinker you cut yourself out of that picture :(

  3. Anonymous4:04 AM CDT

    Did you find the duvet cover??? I'm sooo jealious that you were at TJ Maxx without me ....I am missing you : ( But it's good to see you having a good time with family...and in shorts the weather must be fab : )

  4. Looks like you all had a great time. what a wonderful thing you did for Kirks dad ! Did you find any Surprises?


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