Sunday, March 15, 2009

Signs of Spring --- and Testosterone

Visible signs that spring 
is arriving in the frozen tundra 
have been appearing . . .

The obvious robin...
that may or may not 
have been around all winter . . .

Parkas are shed for sweatshirts ...

(Nate in his creepy front zip-to-the-tip hoodie)

and indoor activity
is abandoned for 
more testosterone 
raving fun

I just want to say, 
there was one patch of snow 
on all our 2.5 acres and 
the guys headed straight for it

Nate was doing the "360s" while
DIY Guy was painting
his garage

however, once his paint brushes
were clean, DIY guy had 
to burn off some
testosterone of his own

and as he mounted the 4-wheeler,
I asked if he was going 
to try some "360s"...
to which he replied . . .

Yeah, but mine will be better than Nate's

" . . . because I know 
to turn off the 4-wheel drive"

Later, as DIY Guy put 
the Polaris in the stall,
I asked if he was going to tell his son
the secret to good "4-wheel 360s".
He said "no"... then "maybe"...
and closed the garage door saying,
"you'll probably tell him before I do".

It's an entirely different world when
the boys are together,
than when us girls are.


  1. It was a Great day to be outside. I actually had a couple of my windows open for a bit of fresh air. Loved the 4 wheeler pics, looks like fun.

  2. Cheri, are you selling ads on your blog for Google? That's pretty good, wow.


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