Saturday, March 14, 2009

Line Dancing!

My word did we ever get a work-out line dancing Friday night!
I think we learned 3 different line dances in an hour.  

Check out DIY Guy and Baby Girl dancing . . .

After the hired instructor left...they asked Baby Girl to keep teaching so everyone could keep dancing!  She had some very practical ways to teach people the steps...there were several "ah ha" moments as she explained the same steps the paid guy taught.  Somehow her lesson was easier to understand.  That's a good thing...since she is going to be a teacher in a few years!

I suspect there might be more of these line dancing nights!  Maybe we can break in the Taj-ma-Garage with a line dancing night!  Once a month?  Who's in?  Danae's teaching!


  1. Too much fun! I'm in for line dancing!

  2. Something tells me that's quite a workout. Looks like fun.


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