Friday, March 27, 2009

It was time

It was time for a new hairstyle.  
Going short crossed my mind...I did that a few years ago.
But I've got kinda used to longer (medium) length hair.

Nate is home for the weekend.  He took these photos so I could send them to Cara --then we ended up talking to her on Skype, so she saw the haircut live.
I've got to get one of those cameras on my computer.

Since I already had the photos, I figured I'd share then with you.  It was either share the photos, or not blog at all tonight.  
Please ignore the gray (and bad color) -- I get it colored Wednesday!

Nate approves of the new look.
Cara approves of the new look.
Kirk does too....I think he was a little shocked at first.
(but I don't think it's THAT different)


  1. I really like it! very hip and very cute!

  2. omg mom i love it!! SO great! now just STYLE it like that! ;) love you!

  3. Nice cut...I like it.

  4. Anonymous9:11 AM CDT

    Very cute!

  5. She's one HOT mama!!!!! Can't wait to see you next weekend...I think with that haircut you and i look more a like...which is a good thing :0

  6. Absolutely adorable!

  7. I Love it...lots of layers, very cool :)

  8. I actually noticed the new pic on facebook before I read the blog. Looks cool! And can't see "the gray or bad color" in B&W photos!

  9. Anonymous11:16 PM CDT

    Well, it's official. She can read my mind--

    Or at least she thinks she can. :)

    - kirk


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