Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I won!

The Office... (no, not that 'Office') ...My office.  The place I work -- had a St. Patty's Day Potluck today.  Several of us signed up to bring a dish to pass.  It could be green, St. Patrick's Day themed, authentic St. Pat's food, or something totally random.

I don't have many any authentic Irish recipes.  I'm not Irish.  DIY Guy is....which means our children are a "bit Irish"....but he doesn't have any authentic Irish family recipes either.  So I decided to come up with something ....let's say "themed" --- 

Blarney Stones!
These pieces of (scratch) cake,
covered on all four sides 
with a powder sugar frosting
then rolled in chopped peanuts
are one of my favorite desserts.

and I can only make them once a year
because I could eat 24 of them myself.

The other food item I made were
these cake-ball cupcakes.

Both sweets received compliments --
but it was the cake balls that won the 
competition for me!

$25 Gift Certificate!
TJ Maxx -- here I come!

Happy St. Patrick's Day !


  1. Awesome! Shall we call you Bakerella? That was quick implementation! I haven't even read all those PW posts yet.

    I'm guessing it won't take you long to spend that gift card! That's perfect for you.

  2. Anonymous9:49 AM CDT

    Very clever! Send the recipes!!

  3. Well that's fun..... Congrats and have a good time spending that winnnig cash.

  4. Pretty sure you need to post the full recipe!!

  5. Nice going Cheri...how come I'm not surprised that you won?

  6. Do you have the cake ball recipe that I could copy from you!? They always look so delicious :) Hope you are doing well!!


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