Monday, March 30, 2009

Gotta love 'em

Last October I posted the 1st Edition of my version of "Kid's say the darndest things" --

Today, Miz Booshay at Quiet Life shared her "darndest" story...and asked readers to share theirs too.  I figured this was as good a time as any to do my 2nd Edition:

On Sunday morning, March 8, 1992 our baby girl stepped onto our bathroom scale and asked, 
"How much do I cost?"

I know that only because it is written here:

In April, 1993 
our 5-1/2 year old little boy
was reciting nursery rhymes - 
here's his version of Old King Cole:
"Old King Cole was a married old soul, 
and a married old soul was he . . ."

My friend Wendy recently posted a story of her kids saying some of the "darndest" things -- 
at amusing times.  

Many years ago, a man named Art Linkletter had a television show called Art Linkletter's House Party.  It ran every weekday afternoon from 1952 - 1970.  I lOVED watching this show.  Must have been the thrill of seeing kids like me on TV - I'm sure I didn't "get" all the funny parts back in the day.... because they sure seem more funny now!

Share your "darndest story" with us...then stop over to see Miz Booshay and read some more stories!

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  1. Ok, this just happened yesterday (and I better write it down asap):

    Me (to 2.5 yr old son who was running laps through the kitchen, while the dishwasher was open and blocking 90% of his path): Cale, no running!

    Cale: I'm not running.

    Me: What do you call that then?

    Cale: I'm walking really fast.


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