Saturday, March 07, 2009

Can I just say WOW?

Our wild one got a new look recently . . .

When she sent me these photos taken Friday (March 6) today, I could hardly believe how grown up (and beautiful) she looks.

I couldn't resist playing around with some editing  . . .
Note: these photos were taken with her point and shoot camera!

I think this one is my favorite.
It kind of looks like an old movie -
Maybe that's why they call it cinema scope

I LOVE to edit photos!

I wish I could edit that piece of gum out of her mouth!

This is the SOOC (Straight-Out-Of-Camera) Shot

I love the brick walls on either side and the light -- 
they create a great background

SOOC shot - a point and shoot camera at that.

Beautiful.  Grown-up.  I don't remember that long of a Blink!


  1. The editing looks really good :)

  2. Cara...You're just too adorable...Lovin' the hair!

  3. Love the new style!! Gorgeous!

  4. you're so pretty! share! :)

  5. She's definatley looking older!!! and pretty as always


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