Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Borrowed images

The other day I borrowed Danae and Nate's camera memory cards to lift some photos from our ski weekend.  Of course there were many other photos on their camera's too.  Looking at your kids' photos is a good way to peek into their lives now and then....especially when you miss the control you had when you knew every detail of their lives....or at least you could BELIEVE that you did.
Here's some photos from Nate's camera . .

His photographs are on the "artsy" side of life 

this one makes me smile...

Here's some photo's I took from Danae's camera . . .

I'm not sure how she did it...but the edits were on the camera card!
Must be you can load photos back on to your card?

Ya never know what you'll get with these two . . .
These are off my camera...

(I didn't take this one)
Learning how to use a new camera lens

but I DID take this shot!
I think I'm liking this lens!

I think I'm going to give a camera to to my 4 year old nephew and 6 year old niece the next time we are together (April) to see what fun photos they take!
Note:  some photos were edited by me :)

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  1. You know me...I always love a blog of photo's, Did you get a new lens??? what is it?


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