Monday, March 09, 2009

Billboard Action?

Can you believe it?  Our girl is already on a storefront poster!

and that our boy on a mall poster?

and is that our baby girl on a huge billboard?

And DIY guy's photos at an art show?

and DIY Guy and me in an Armani advertisement?


are these just some of the fun ways
you can feature your photos and have
a blast trying new "scenes"
when you go to Photofunia! 

Now go have some fun of your own !
and...send me your favorite photo - I'll post it here!

(My email is listed at the top of the blog)


  1. Too much fun Cheri!

  2. I just spent my whole morning having fun. Sent a few to you to checkout.

    My favorite is the one of you and Kirk.


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