Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Balance is important when you write a blog.  Especially if members of your family, and extended family read your blog.  Regularly I wonder...."has everyone been given equal "blog time" lately?

Typically, the people who are featured in my blog (usually without permission) are people I've recently spent time with.  Like the ski trip a couple weeks ago with a couple of my sisters and their families.

So now, in order to keep good balance, I'd like to re-introduce you to my 4th sister  -- the one I gained by marrying DIY Guy.....and her husband....and their children.

Meet Sandy & Bob
Sandy is DIY Guys older sister
(Sorry Sandy....I couldn't resist)
We'll start with the youngest in their family
(Why do we think we have to introduce first born children first?)
Faith Ashley - 
a pretty name isn't it?
Faith is a college student and 4 months older than our Danae
When you are in your 20's - being older is more important.
Andrew - or "Drew" as we call him is their middle child
He's 9 months older than our Cara
Cara & Drew had a "love/hate" cousin-ship growing up
I think it's because they are alike.
Last July Drew married Bri
They live in Atlanta, Georgia
where it was 80 degrees last weekend! 
The punks.

This is Joshua Daniel - "Josh"
He's the oldest - 
 he celebrated his 26th birthday on Monday

I always think of him at this age though!

but I digress....

This is Natasha - we call her Tasha.
She's pretty special to our Josh.
In fact - this is just HOW Special she is to him . . .

Welcome to our crazy family Tasha!
Congratulations to you both!

Aunt Cheri & Uncle Kirk


  1. Very nice "balance" Cheri. I liked seeing pics of the other cousins and their significant others.

  2. woo hoo! :) congrats josh & tasha! :)

  3. Anonymous6:20 PM CDT

    I believe Tasha already has a taste of our craziness and she isn't running away! She's a keeper, just like Bri!

  4. fun, congrats to them


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