Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Love

It's been a long time since I've held a 5 week old baby.

so when my dear & sweet friend 
met me for lunch in Edina today

so I could meet her sweet baby boy

I could hardly wait to get this little
angel in my arms

and it was very difficult
 to hand him back to his momma

because I know that the next time I see him, he will have changed so much.  Unless.....unless....we make this a weekly deal?  
This settles it ... my children must live near me when they have children.    Got that kids?


  1. as long as you're offering free unlimited babysitting from birth til they move out, then you've got it :)

  2. i agree with danae.

  3. Your kids should all come to know it's a great deal if you can get it! The babysitting that is!

  4. umm or maybe you should live near us?!

  5. If you all live in the same general area -- living near you can be arranged. I sure hope that is the case :)

    Thanks for sharing pics of the new baby and your visit.

  6. Oh how fun. I didnt know Melissa had the little guy. Man is he cute :)

    I bet Melissa is in love with him !
    Thanks for sharing the pics


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