Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Twenty and something

An interview with our baby girl.  Our baby. 
The youngest of 3.
A sophomore in college. 
Danae Joy
Age 20
Me:  Hi Baby Girl.  You probably have more nicknames than anyone else in our family.  How do you feel about being called "Baby Girl" and "DJ"?
Baby Girl:  I love it!  I love having nicknames!  I still remember when I was younger and we (mostly I) thought that my name didn't have any nicknames and when we came up with DJ I was SO excited to be like DJ on Full House!
Me:  You ARE our you like being the youngest child?  Does it have any particular advantages or disadvantages?
Baby Girl:  Yes, I do like being the youngest child!  An advantage is that I have an older brother and sister to try everything out with you and dad first, so I get the easier path of everything!  I also have them to look up to and learn from their experiences!  Disadvantages is getting ganged up on and picked on.
Me:  What advice do you have for those younger than you?
Baby Girl:  Just always try to think positively.  I have learned that something that simple can make a huge difference in your day to day life.
Me:  What's your favorite website?
Baby Girl:  Facebook.  Dur.  And your blog, YouTube, and PostSecret.
Me:  Do you think it's ok for middle school students to be on Facebook?  MySpace?  Should their parents worry about it?
Baby Girl:  I have mixed feelings about it.  I want to say that no, it's not ok, but if I were in middle schook I'd want one!  Haha!  I think Facebook is mnore legit than MySpace and there are less creepers.  But, all in all, the parents have no reason to worry if the kids are smart about it.
Me:  What advice do you have for parents of middle school and high school students?
Baby Girl:  Don't smother them.  Ask questions, but don't pester.  Be patient, while you are trying to figure out the whole parenting that age kid thing -- we're trying to figure out the whole growing up thing and what's okay and what's not and what's appropriate for our age!
Me:  You have a fairly close group of friends in more ways than one, who like to hang out at our house (especially the guys).  How do you feel about that?  (personally, I love it)
Baby Girl:  I love it too!  I think it's great that they are all so comfortable!  I love that they don't need me entertain them and I can still get ready for the day or finish cleaning my room and they'll find something to do (or eat)!
Me:  Why do you think they like to spend so much time at our house?
Baby Girl:  Because it's comfortable.  You've make it like a second home for all of them I think.  Also, your being so okay with them being here has a lot to do with it.  You and dad are very welcoming and kind.  Plus my friends just really like me and can't seem to get enough time with me {wink}
Me:  Speaking of friends...I know some of them like to party -- and you don't participate.  How do you manage to not "join in"?
Baby Girl: When I was younger it had a lot to do with not wanting to get in trouble.  Pluse I have WAAAAAY to quilty of a conscious and would tell you if I ever did anything!  I'm no good at lying.  Haha.  Now it's just more of a personal choice of it not being legal and not wanting to disappoint you and dad.
Me:  You wear a pretty ring with a small diamond in it from mom and dad.  Sometimes you wear a "True Love Waits" ring.  Has anyone ever asked you about them?
Baby Girl:  Three small diamonds actually.  Yes, I get a lot of questions about the one with the diamonds (my purity ring).  Mostly the...   "is it from your boyfriend?" "No?  Who is it from then?" kinds of questions, but I am always willing to share what it is and why I wear it.
Me:  Have you ever had a boyfriend?  Why?  Why not?
Baby Girl:  Well.....if you count middle school, then yes.  But I don't count it, so no.  I haven't had a boyfriend because I have a tendency to like boys that are not interested in me.  It's just never really worked out..never been the right boy at the right time!
Me:  Have you ever kissed a boy?  Why?  Why not?
Baby Girl:  Nope!  I never have kissed a boy...because I remember when I was younger someone told me that I was not going to be sweet sixteen unless I had never been kissed - since it's supposed to be "Sweet 16 and never ben kissed".  So, I was very determined to be Sweet 16.  After all, what's turning 16 if it's not "sweet"?  Now, you're probably thinking .."but that was 4  years ago...?"  Well, yes, it was.  But I don't just go around kissing boys!  It's something way too personal to just throw away on any boy, so I wait.
Me:  What do you look for in a potential boyfriend/spouse?
Baby Girl:  Someone who accepts me as I am but still pushes me to be a better person and who brings out the best in me.  A listener.  Someone who loves God and is pursuing a relationship with Him.  Someone who can connect with me emotionally.  Somewone who can make me laugh and hold me when I cry.  Someone who can put up with my family and love them too!  The list could go on and on, but I try to keep it pretty general cause I don't want a picture in my head.  I'm hoping instead of me creating a long list, I can add to my list when I get a boyfriend because of how great he is!
Me:  Have you ever stood up for what you believe, even when it was very hard?  Explain.
Baby Girl:  I think the hardest time was my sophomore year when I had some friends who weren't believers to the point where they argued with me about my faith and tried to prove that the Bible wasn't reliable and it was just a bunch of stories.  I had to stand up for what I believed in even though I didn't have an answer to their every argument.
Me:  What are the qualities you admire most about dad?
Baby Girl:  He's patient.  Very, very patient.  He demonstrates God's love in many ways.  He is very giving.  He has a positive outlook on life.  He can laugh things off.
Me:  Dare I ask....."how about me?  What qualities do you admire most about mom?"
Baby Girl:  Your strength.   You've been through a lot, but are still an amazingly strong woman.  Your compassion towards others.  Your honesty.  Your ability to make anyone feel at home.
Me:  Describe your cooking skills and your favorite things to cook.
Baby Girl:  Haha..what cooking skills?  I'm not great in the kitchen, but I'm getting there.  I love to make pesto shells and pull-apart pasta!  I also love to bake monkey bread and chocolate chip cookies!
Me:  You always seem to have a positive, optimistic and happy outlook and demeanor.  How do you manage that?
Baby Girl:  I just make the choice to be optimistic and happy.  Angry people tend to annoy me, I just don't see how people can be so bitter when there is so much to be happy about! 
Me:  Tell me about your best friend and why he/she is special to you.
Baby Girl:  I have two BFs.  Kate and Emily.  Kate is special to me because she is basically me in another person.  We have so much in common and yet in some ways are so different..but mostly it's the similarities as many people often point out.  She has been more of a friend to me than any other best friends before her.  Emily is special to me because of our history.  We used to not like each other at all, then we realized that our differences and our common sense of humor could make for a great friendship.  The best thing about Em is that we can go for a month or longer without talking and when we hang out again, it is literally like we never missed a beat!
Me:  You like to listen to music.  A lot.  You also have a lot of music.  What kind of music do you like the most?
Baby Girl:  I love music!  I don't know if I could say what kind I like the most.  I really do like MOST music.  My favorite artists as of this very moment would be Brandon Heath, Taylor Swift, John Mayer, and Matt Wertz.
Me:  What is your favorite song and why?
Baby Girl:  You're kidding right?  A favorite song of Alllll the songs I know and love?  NO.  I can give you my favorite song of the MOMENT but I don't do all time favorites.  My favorite at the moment is a tie between "Give Me Your Eyes" and Wait and See" both by Brandon Heath.  "Give Me Your Eyes" because it reminds me that I need to be more compassionate towards others and that as much as anyone may bug me, they are still God's child and I need to see them through His eyes with love.  "Wait and See" because it talks about God not being done with me yet and that I just have to wait and see what God has in store for me instead of constantly trying to figure it out!
Me:  How many songs on your computer or ipod?
Baby Girl:  4,083
Me:  What are your best memories/times with our family?
Baby Girl:  Camping!  I love camping and I'm kinda sad we don't do it anymore!  I always loved the camping trips regardless of all the fighting that may have happened before and/or during our trips.  We always had the best moments on those trips!  There's something about having nothing to do but be with your family that makes things fun and interesting!
Thanks Danae Joy !


  1. I didn't think it was possible...but I like you even more Danae!

  2. I loved Danae's interview, such a sweetheart. My first kiss was a month before I was 21 and it was with my future husband! It's nice to hear from a girl who's not obsessed with getting a kiss, you're an awesome girl Danae and the guy that God has chose for you is very lucky! I'm glad you're my bestest friend's lil' sis.

  3. good answers...what good shoes you had to follow in too ;)

  4. Anonymous8:48 AM CST

    Great interview, Danae. Another beautiful girl inside and out.
    Aunt Sandy

  5. Sweet to the core. loved reading the interview !!! Danae is growing up to be such a wonderful young lady!

  6. Love this! So fun getting to know you all a little more.

  7. Well done. I'm amazed at the amount of info flowing here (for both you & Cara).

    Love, Dad


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